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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Halloween in Montana

We went to Montana for Halloween this year. Topher's first Halloween with his cousins. He had so much fun. We went to a pumpkin patch (more like a parking lot with pumpkins on pallets, nothing like in Washington. : ) We carved pumkins and had apple cider with red hots (sound wierd but it is really good), went to a carnival and trunk or treat, and then were also able to go out trick or treating on halloween night. Topher loved running from house to house with his cousins. Chris loved it to. He said it was great to go with other kids because Topher would just following them and he didn't have to run him up and down each drive way. HAHAHAH!!! Topher was adorable. He would say thank you to each person that gave him candy and a couple times he didn't understand that once they put candy in his bag that was it. He ended up putting his hand in the candy bowl and helping himself to a few more pieces. Will teach people that you don't put a huge bowl of candy in a toddlers reach. : ) We also got some really cute photos of us with all of Topher's candy but I realized they weren't on our camera. Will have to post later.

Lota of random pictures of our fun times below. ENJOY !!!!!

Topher in his costume halloween night.

Chris and our nephew Damian carving pumpkins. We carved one pumpkin that said Topher on one side and Cooper on the other. Super creative .... I KNOW!!!

Cooper and Daddy, Cooper is wearing Topher's halloween mask.

Topher, cousin Christopher, and cousin Kyler eating popcorn and watching a movie.

Me and the hubby.

Topher by Grandmas car during the trunk or treat.

Cooper, our little turtle, and his Grandpa Croft.

Chris, Topher, cousin Kyler, and uncle dan (or as Topher says Kylers daddy)

Uncle dan and Kyler at the trunk our treat. It was so fun to have them home for Halloween. Me and my mom. I think this is the only time I have ever seen my mom dress up. I think we need to come home more often for halloween. We bring the fun to her life. HAHAHA!!!

Me, my brother Chris, and Cooper. He didn't dress-up. Lame. : )

My mom and Cooper.

Chris and Topher fishing for prizes/candy at the carnival. Topher also bowled and went through a haunted maze. FUN!!!!

The Fam. Not sure how a pimp and flapper ended up with 2 ninja turtles. HAHAHA!!! We had so much fun. I love HALLOWEEN.

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