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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Update .....

We went to our 40 week check-up this morning. I was kind of excited to see our nurse and doctor since we weren't able to meet with either of them last week. I realized I had a lot of questions when I missed an appointment and knew that I could go into labor any day. When I originally made this appointment I never thought I would be going to it. I thought, O-ya sign me up for a 10:00 appointment on April 23rd but why would I need an appointment after my due date. Well I needed it and might need one next week at the rate we are going. According to our doctor if we let my body and our little guy progress naturally he probably wouldn't be born until May.

Some might not agree with the decision that Chris and I have made but we have decided to be induced if the little guy doesn't come before next Tuesday. We will be a little over 41 weeks and feel that it would be best to be induced. I know there might be complications associated with being induced but there are also problems that come with being over due. So we have an induction date of April 28th. We go into the hospital Monday night to begin our journey or I should say Toph's journey into this world.

We are still hoping he will come on his own in the next few days but if not we have a back-up plan. I never really wanted to think about or discuss being induced. I kept telling myself that he was going to come early or on time, but I kind of knew when I woke up each day feeling "to good" that he was going to be a little late. Even now sometimes I want to go to bed or wake up super uncomfortable and feeling crazy painful contractions . Never thought I would ever want to be uncomfortable or in pain but I know that is the only path that will lead to Toph coming.

At least we got a couple pictures out of today. The first photo is of us listening to Toph's heart beat. He is doing great, very active. He was moving the entire time we were at the doctor's office. The second photo is of Chris and I standing outside our doctor's office. We are hoping that the next time we are in this office is our 6 week check-up and we are holding a baby.

Other than no baby things are going great. My house is pretty clean since I have been nesting for weeks, our cupboards are packed, our bags are packed, Toph's bag and car seat are in the car. We are ready; well as ready as first time parents can be.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Due Date & No Baby

Friday was my last day of work, which felt great. Well as least for a few weeks. At first I felt a little guilty for being done with work when I still feel energetic and able to work, but then part of me says I deserve to have some time off. It felt great to wake up Monday morning and not have to worry about work. I was able to make breakfast for my mom and Hubby and plan out my whole day, and it didn't consist of being inside sitting at a desk. YEAH!!!!

The day was kind of full of suspense since we would like our little guy to come. I would like to prove to the rude nurse that I saw last week that I could have him on our due date, she pretty much told me that I wouldn't have him on my due date. Her comments were,"Your first, haha. They never come on time." I felt like she was telling me, "Hunny, you have no idea." Grrrrrrr

I think I have been out walking more these past few days than I did the entire pregnancy. Either I am falling for the cliche methods to induce a baby or I can't help but be outside and enjoy the few sunny days here in Seattle. We went to the park last night to play some Frisbee and take some pictures. Now our little guy can see what we were doing while he was supposed to be coming. Instead he is just hanging out inside while we wait in suspense.

Well it is now Tuesday and no baby. That's O.K. It just means I get more time with my mom, just the two of us. Something that doesn't happen very often.

We are still waiting and will keep you posted when he comes. Don't call us, we will call you. HAHAHAHA!!!! Have a great Day :)