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Thursday, September 24, 2009


My mom was in town just this last week and it was great. We spent each day together, it was great to spend time talking, shopping, and hanging out with the Toph. Friday we went to lunch with my aunt Gaile and checked out the new mall in Bellevue Neiman Marcus was pretty cool. Although everything was out of our price range it was great to see the new fashions. My favorite were the shoes and purses. There is some pretty awesome things out there, maybe someday I will actually buy something.

Saturday we went to Leavenworth. I had never been there before and thought it was so cute. We treated ourselves to homemade chocolate, gingerbread cookies, and danish treats. We enjoyed lunch in the park and walking the cute little streets and looking through shops. We then went out to Asian food for my moms birthday. All you can eat Asian food is the best.

It rained on the drive all the way, but when we got there it was so nice!

Street view of some of the shops and hotels.

Fun old bus that fits right in with the town!

We tried to get a good picture of Topher with all the dolls before the store owner came back... This is the best we got.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cereal Does a Body Good

Toph tried cereal for the first time on Sunday. We put a bib on him, strapped him in his chair, and began the fun. He knew that something exciting was going to happen because we were all standing around him with excitement and the video camera running. He just sat in his chair smiling and kicking. I don't think he had any clue. He was such a great sport smiling the entire time. He ate all of it, we were so proud. He didn't do as great the second night. I don't think he was as hungry or maybe he knew what was coming. He didn't wine or fuss at all but he wouldn't open his mouth. My mom told me I should get out the video camera and see how well he does. Maybe next time. HAHAHA!!! Here are a few photos of his first time.


We have had a great time these past few weeks with family. Chris's sister Nicole and niece Daisy came to visit September 7th - 14th. I really enjoyed getting to know them better without the hustle and bustle of a wedding. Last time they were in town Chris and I were getting married. YIKES !!!! Time goes by way to quick. We all hung out Monday night after they flew in. Nicole had plans on Tuesday so we ate breakfast and dinner together. I went to Seattle Wednesday afternoon (it was suppose to be in the morning but I was running late and got lost so morning turned into afternoon). Then Toph and I hung out with Daisy for the rest of the day while Nicole enjoyed a girls night in Seattle. Thursday the 4 of us and one of Nicoles friends spent the day together. We first tried out a new cupcake shop in Seattle, Yellow Leaf Cafe. super cute. I didn't actually try the cupcakes but they looked really good and everyone else said they tasted great.

We then went to the Point Defience Zoo in Tacoma. We just missed the popular time so there weren't very many animals, but the kids playground was awesome. Friday Nicole, Renae, and me spent some girl time together to celebrate Renaes birthday. Nicole treated us to pedecures and asian treats. I learned that I do not like coconut milk, especially with chunks of coconut. Saturday night we continued our celebration of Renaes birthday by going to Chuck e cheese. We sat by the singing animals. I hadn't been to Chuck e cheese for years but I do remember the singing animals. Woooohoooo.

The pizza was pretty good, the rootbeer was great (we don't buy soda very often so when I get around it I tend to go overboard), and the arcade was fun. Toph loved the singing animals, managed to take a nap with all the arcade noise, I was less than a second away from beating Chris at the racing game, and it was really fun watching Chris and Renae play Dance Dance.

Sunday night we went to Chris's dads house for dinner and had chicken. Chris said it was just chicken from Albertsons but I thought it was the best chicken ever. I think I was really hungry.
It was sad to see the week come to an end. I was really enjoying having more family around. Toph and Daisy really hit it off. Daisy would play with Toph all day long. She loved to bring him toys, read to him, sing to him, talk to him, pat his bumb and back like we do, and I think her favorite thing was to hold him. Toph is lucky to have such a loving cousin. Here is a few pictures of our fun week.