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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

9 months and counting

Kind of late with this post. Toph will be 10 months on February 28th. WOW!!! They grow up fast. Toph loves to interact/play with other kids and loves to talk. He is not shy at all. We went to reading time today and he was crawling all over the place, being so adventurous. He loves to sit right next to other kids and tries to play with everything. We are working on not taking others toys. He is just so curious to see and chew on any toy someone else is playing with. He is an extremely easy going little guy who loves hugs, kisses, and laying on his daddy. When he gets super tired he will put his cheek to Chris's and loves when Chris talks in his ear. Very adorable. He brings much joy and excitement to our lives daily. We love him and are very blessed that he is part of our family.