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Monday, December 12, 2011


We were able to host Thanksgiving this year, which was great. I love when my house is full of the smell of turkey. Plus .... the leftovers stay at the house they were cooked at .... Right?

It was my first turkey (without my mom here) and I think it turned out great. Maybe not as good as Martha's turkey. HAHAHA!!!! I watched alot of her show before Thanksgiving. She does some really cute things. Decided to wait to do some of the fancy decor, appitizers, and food until my kids are older (maybe until I have a daughter) and they will appreciate it. Alot of work can go into the details and although I love my husband, I don't think he really cares. :) The food tastes the same whether his name is infront of his plate or not.

We did make cute little hats for the boys, which got torn up by Topher while Renae and I were out shopping for Black Friday. I guess Chris and Toph fell asleep at different times. Thank you Babe for watching the boys while we went out. It was a great day and night with family I love very much. Hope you all had a great holiday as well. : )

My Hubby carving the turkey .... this is after I corrected how he wanted to display the food. He didn't want to help anymore but I said, "You have to carve the turkey. It is the dad's job." Right? He forgave me for snapping at him and did a great job. Love you babe. : )

Yummmmmmmmm ..... Looks so good.

Notice Renae holding Coopers hands down. He really wanted to pull it off and chew on it. Everything goes in his mouth these days.

All the things Topher is grateful for are written on there feathers. I ended up writing the same things on both of there hats. SO if you look close you will see that Cooper is thankful for baby and not Topher .... It should say brother Topher. HAHAHA

The Picture right before this one Topher is giving Cooper a kiss, guess Cooper wasn't done kissing his brother. Now it just looks like he wants to eat him.

GOBBLE, GOBBLE!!!! Topher has become just a character with alot of energy.

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