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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st Camping trip

So we ventured out with the rest of our ward to brave the wild for a night (as wild as it gets at Cascade park). I had tried to convince Allison into letting me take Topher to the Father's and Son's camp out. Since Topher was only a couple weeks old, she said no.

We were the first to arrive which gave us the responsibility to chose the spot, move picnic tables, and start the fire. We decided to make tin foil dinners so the fire was high on the priority. When others arrived they would make comments like "don't pitch the tent next to the Nelson's... they have baby". Fortunately we have an amazing baby and was well behaved. Unfortunately for others, we had some "bears" aka snorers... LOL

Topher loved watching the fire and we enjoyed talking to our friends, roasting marshmallows, and sleeping on the hard ground. (ok maybe not the last part, our inflatable mattress has a hole). Whatever the case we were well equipped with camping gear which we inherited from our parents.

This is Toph's personal tent........ I know...