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Friday, February 18, 2011

A MOM'S vote

Before I was even married or pregnant I thought it would be great to have a boy as my oldest child. The thought of The Older brother sounded great. When we got pregnant with Topher we were hoping for a boy, but you can never really predict until they tell you or until they are born. So, when we found out we were have a boy we were ecstatic. I think I was a little relieved, having a girl kind of scared me. There is a lot of STUFF that comes with a girl. I think Chris liked the idea of having a little boy ... because what man doesn't want a boy first to continue his name. At first I thought ... have a boy first then a girl so the boy will keep the dad occupied while I hang out with my little girl.

After Toph was born and we were discussing future children we talked about how it would be fun to have 2 boys in a row. Mostly so that Toph would have a buddy growing up. Chris was the only boy in his family and think he wishes he had a brother. Well, he had me convinced that it would be the best for Toph to have a brother (not that I have control over the sex of my babies) and then our third would hopefully be a girl.

Come to find out Chris wanted to have a boy(s) so that the boy to girl ratio would be higher. I think he felt out numbered growing up and wanted to make up for that. :)

He didn't really disclose his plan fully until we found out our second (due June 26th) will be a boy. It was then that he let out a semi evil chuckle and said, "sweet, now the boys will out number the girls.") Little does he know that a mom's vote more than out weighs a toddlers, an infants, and a big kids vote. If not, Chris will be taking two boys out a lot without mom. HAHAHA!!! Just kidding . We are excited to have another little boy in the making. Two boys running around will definitely keep things fun and interesting.