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Friday, April 10, 2009

Trying to be an expert

Tonight I was trying to impress a friend of mine, my knowledge of the pregnancy and what not. So I started to tell him about how Allison is feeling, what Topher is doing, and that Allison is 50% effaced, just after I said that he replies, "Thanks for the update on her cervix"... Who knew?!?! I just thought it was normal to talk about effacing, dilating and what not, guess I should have figured out what it was I was actually talking about before blurting it out.

So I quickly changed the subject from the cervix, to some of the crazy dreams I have of Topher. Starting a couple weeks ago I have had a dream just about every night of the little guy, and some of them more normal than others, but you wouldn't be reading this if they are normal dreams, so here ya go...

Dream #1 (I woke up worried with cold sweats)

So it's not overly long, but he came out looking like a turd... I later found the pic below, and realized it wasn't actually a turd, but a Gorilla! Maybe this dream is due to all the monkeys in his nursery?!?

Dream #2

Related to the first, but in a totally different way... So in the dream Topher is a couple weeks old, Allison has gone to work and I am left in charge (yep, in charge!!!). Since there are no women around I feel it appropriate that Toph and I have some male bonding time, burping, farting, scratching, you know man stuff. So he and I are just chillin, hangin out, and I realize that Topher doesn't have his diaper on. No big deal, right? Nope... I soon learn that as I move Toph from one spot in the room to another that he is leaving little poop spots everywhere!

(Disclaimer: I apologize if my dreams are any ones reality. I realize that there are some that might have gorilla looking babies, or others who make the mistake and leave their husbands in charge, and things happen. This is not meant to make fun, or insult... They are just dreams, I guess I'll just have to wait to see if these dreams become reality. LOL)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

We had our 38 week check-up today and there isn't much to report. We are only 50% effaced and haven't started to dialate yet. We were told that he will probably not be entering this world early. So the next hope is that he will come on time. I am predicting he will come the 19th. Chris is predicting that he will come the 23rd. He said he's known this whole time that Toph was going to be late, and I thought I was the one carrying him. :) It's great to see that they are already so connected, well we will see!?!? If he comes from the 18th to the 20th I win and if he comes from the 21st to the 23rd Chris wins. Not sue what we win, other than a baby, but Chris wanted to make a bet on when he would come so we did. Sooooooooo now we are just at the end of our waiting game; trying to enjoy every minute since this phase will be over soon.
Sad :(

When do you think Toph will come ? ? ? ?

38 Weeks

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Photo Shoot

So Allison finally let me get a SLR camera, and since I am taking photography 101 I thought I would get in some practice. This last Sunday the weather was super nice I was able to convince Allison to let me take pictures of her. She'll post them soon... (I'm not allowed to pic the pictures)