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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mov'n On Up

I know this post is a little late since Toph is 10 weeks today but I wanted to update everyone regarding his growth. Below are Toph's statistics as of June 23rd, his two month check up.

Weight - 9 lbs 4 1/2 oz
Length - 23 1/4 inches
Head Circumference - 38 cm

He ....
Focuses on objects other than faces. Loves to lay on his froggy mat and watch the toys hanging above him. It is fun to see his reaction when he accidentally hits one.
Follows voices, turns his head towards light and noise.
Has recieved two immunization shots.
Holds and kind of shakes his rattle.
Talks constantly, tells stories as Grandpa says.
Has been to two movies, one being in the Imax. (Wolverine and Transformers)
Has been to the Pacific Science Center.
Has been on an airplane from Seattle to Montana and endured an 8 hour drive back.
Has been to his first Cub Scout day camp.
Has witnessed (or slept through) fireworks.
Has gone in our pool. Once with Dad, once with Mom and twice with Grandpa.
Takes a pacifier when he's tired, takes a bottle when we are out and about, and is a great eater.
Has dark blue eyes and his hair is starting to turn red.
Takes one or two good naps a day and has officially slept through the night.


The Palmer's said...

Has slept through the night!? What!? What's your secret? I'm so jealous...

Leslie said...

He is growing up!! So cute! Cant wait to see you guys again.

Tasha and Carl said...

He's so adorable!!