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Monday, August 3, 2009

3 Months

So from day three (which is when we went into meet with the pediatrician for the first time) we have been watching Toph's weight. He has been a happy healthy baby from day one but not as heavy as the doctor or the charts show that he should be. Therefore, we have been into the doctors often often for weight checks.

We have tried to weigh him at home periodically but our scale isn't as accurate which is important when every ounce counts. My Dad told us we should place him in the scales at the grocery stores. Every time we would go into a store Chris and I would eye the scales but never got up the nerve to place him in. Last week we were at Top Foods and the place was practically empty so I was trying to talk Chris into placing Toph in one of the produce scales or the scale for the pound candy/snacks. Every time we got close to doing it an employee would walk by plus the scales were kind of high and hung from the ceiling. So we chickened out. We decided to just wait for his doctors appointment.

We went in this afternoon for a weight check and I talked them into measuring his length and head, after all I wanted to attempt to get my moneys worth.

Current stats:

Weight - 10.15 pounds 7%
Length - 24.25 inches 75%
Head - 39 cm circumference 10%


The Palmer's said...

Feed him butter...just kidding. His weight will catch up. :)

angelalois said...

ahh yes, a mom of a skinny baby. join the club. wesley has been in the 3-5% range his entire life. He's never even reached the 7%, so you've got a hefty one! j/k ... but it is stressful and for me, made me feel like I wasn't a good momma you know? but he's just a little dude and that's OK. if they hit all the developmental milestones, that's all you can ask for.