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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Father's Day

I was extremely excited to be in Montana with my family on Father's day. I absolutely love all the father's in my family (My two brothers Daniel and Chris, my dad, and of course my husband). My father is the greatest father. He is very loving, patient, cheritable, and such a great peacemaker. He makes being a Daddy's girl extremely special and fun. I have really enjoyed watching him interact with Toph. He has been such a great example to me when it comes to interacting with children and expressing patience. Thank you Dad for showing me the traits of a loving Father. It was great to spend Father's day with my entire family, very special that Me, Chris, and Toph were togeather as a family to celebrate Chris' first Father's Day. I woke up early on Sunday to feed Toph and get him ready to wake his dad. I wrote out "Happy Fathers Day" (in sloppy hand writting like a child would, which was my brothers idea) and ironed it on a onesie. It was super cute if you ask me. Then I took him into Chris for a wake up call. I guess you could say .... Toph was Chris' Father's Day gift, Toph and a kiss. Probably the most valuable gift I have ever given someone, but completely worth it. Chris is an amazing Dad. I think it has come to surprise Chris just how much he could love Toph. It brings a tear to my eye remembering Chris' first reaction to Toph when he was born. Chris was the first one to see Toph and hold him. Chris was crying as he brought Toph to me. Chris just kept saying, "Babe he is perfect. He is so beautiful." He was a proud Father from the first moment he saw Toph. He has been exceeding my expectations every day. Chris loves his Toph time. He can get Toph to smile and calm down when no one else can and he always seems to know exactly what to do. His support and love make my job as Mom alot easier. Thanks Babe ... I appreciate all you do. Then we ate breakfast and headed to church. Shortly after we got home from church My brother and his wife and there little guy were at our house. Daniel, Katy, and Kyler were meeting Toph for the first time. At first Kyler (19 months) would start crying when his mom would hold Toph. He was fine once Uncle Chris distracted him with the Wii. A few hours later my other brother and his family showed up. It was great; we visited, ate, played games, and took family photos.

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