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Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Thats not fair"

"That's not fair" was Chris's response tonight when I told him I could feel our baby move. I failed to attempt to show him how it felt as I poked his stomach over and over trying to mimic what I was feeling. It was about 8 weeks ago when I started feeling a slight tug every once in a while. Almost as though the baby got to the end of his/her rope and couldn't go any further. I often tried to mimic this for Chris by tugging on his belly button. Not sure I was ever sucessful in my attempts.

It wasn't to long after that when I started feeling small flutters or spasms, I had to stop everything and focus to really absord and enjoy the moment. It was just Tuesday of this week that I felt the baby kick or run into me, not quite sure what he/she is doing but I love feeling it. Tonight it felt like little kicks over and over in the same spot. A little harder than a spasm or anything I had felt before. Chris hopes this is a sign that our baby is a soccer player. I told him I hope he/she doesn't continue to kick hard or I will snuggle up to him at night and hope he/she kicks hard enough to wake him up. Well ...... as close as I can with a large belly sticking out.

I am really excited and extremely anxious for chris to also share the joy of feeling our baby kick and move. I never thought I could need, miss, or love someone so much until I met Chris and got married and now knowing we shared in creating such a miracle makes me honor and cherish him even more. We are really excited for the opportunity to be pregnant and become parents. We can't wait to meet our little one; boy or girl.

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