If the Lord leads you to it He will lead you through it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Preparing - step one

We currently live in a 3-bedroom condo and up to this day only one room actually functioned as a bedroom. Lately we have been spending most of our time cleaning out the middle room in preparation for an office/mans room. In other words, a room which Chris can go to when I want to watch chick flicks, what not to wear, or Christmas movies (I already have 3 today that I am planning on watching). We finally got the room mostly de-cluttered and painted, thanks to Craigslist and Wal-Mart plastic totes. It is starting to look great, thanks to Chris. He did most of the work ..... O.K he did all of the work; other than sorting through all the totes of my junk.

Now it was my turn. THE BABIES ROOM. The third bedroom has kind of become my room/storage room. We haven't been able to see the floor pretty much since we moved in. There are usually baskets, shoes, lots of clothes, and anything else that we don't want out in the living room scattered all over the room. Since this room is going to become the nursery, and the crib is coming this week, we thought it might be good to start cleaning it. Step one was sorting through my clothes, it was kind of tough packing up all my skirts, pants, and shirts that I won't be able to wear until next summer when I get a figure back and then stuffing a few bags full to give away. I don't like giving away clothes, especially now when I don't know the next time I will be going shopping for anything other than maternity clothes and baby stuff.

After a few hours of cleaning I am still only half way done. But, the important thing is I am getting there. We have a small white dresser that is going to become the changing table and the first baby outfit we bought is hanging on the front of the drawers. It makes me smile everytime I see it. I can already picture the nursery. It's going to be great!!!!