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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Boy or Girl ....

"Are you going to find out?" and "Do you have a preference, boy or girl?" are the two questions we have heard the most since we announced we were pregnant. We never thought twice about not finding out the gender. We anticipated the day when we could further connect with our baby and finally put a name to him/her.

I have to admit I was a little more than anxious prior to our
appointment, I was kind of worried and stressed. We were going
in for an ultrasound to find out the gender, you never know what else you might find out. I found myself just wanting to see a fluttering heart beat, five fingers, and five toes more than any gender specific parts. I tossed and turned the entire night before our appointment, dreaming about being late, the nursery, shopping, holding our baby. I was even more restless at work once we found out. All I wanted to do was go shopping now that I knew what colors to buy.

So the news we have all been waiting for ... WE ARE HAVING A LITTLE BOY!!!

Now that the good news is out of the bag I want to write a little bit about our day. I was extremely lucky that Chris was able to come to the ultrasound appointment with me. We were able to get up together, which doesn't happen often during the week, and get ready together which was a special treat in itself. I hadn't taken my prenatal vitamin for a couple of days and thought I better take it before I missed another day. Anyone that has been pregnant knows it isn't good to take a prenatal on an empty stomach and I am hear to tell you it is even worse when you then drink a bunch of water and are anxious about something. The ride to our appointment was a little eventful when I got sick and couldn't keep all that water down.

Luckily it was just water and Chris was very understanding. Well we reached our appointment in all one piece. It felt so comforting and calming to sit in the waiting area holding Chris's hand just anticipating the opportunity to see our baby. Finally, we were in the exam room just relaxing and waiting while the doctor poured gel all over my belly. I thought my heart was going to leap out of my chest when the doctor placed the instrument on my belly and we could clearly see his little body all curled up and his little heart fluttering. Chris's excitement compelled him to jump up out of his chair, I think he would have started moving the instrument himself if the doctor would have let him. He was like a little child in a toy shop, his eyes were wide open as he stood right behind the doctor asking question after question.

We watched as she examined every inch of him, She took photos and documented dimensions and all sorts of information. Information I could only begin to understand. When she was finally done poking a prodding and was ready to unveil if it was a boy our a girl he had curled up into a tight ball flipped on his side and seamed to have fallen to sleep. Like mother like son.

I had to lay on my side to get him to rotate enough for the doctor to get a clear view of his bumb and little boy parts. It was at that moment that I say such happiness and joy in Chris's eyes, not to mention a few tears. When the appointment was over and I was able to stand up Chris and I embraced, I said "We are getting our little Toph." We are so excited. I can't wait to have a little guy that brings me such joy and laughter just like his father.

As Chris's Grandpa says "The Nelson's are good at making boys." Job well done!!

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