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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The day we knew we had a Toph (the real version)

Ok so I'm not as elloquient as my wife when it comes to writing. Today was a great day perhaps because we got what we wanted but also to know that we have a healthy boy. Had it been a girl the excitement may have been the same, but it would have been hard to look at the ultrasound and not see long hair (a typical trait of older girls).

I had to get up just a half hour earlier than normal, but was so tired, perhaps because of the tossing and turning of my pregnant wife. As always I drove, and were it not for cruise control I probably would have sped to get there faster. As we arrived to the doctors office my heart beat as though this would be the last day of normalcy. The wait was short and we quickly entered the "dark room" where the doctor shortly entered to begin the ultrasound. Allison laid on the bed and I watched as the doctor turned on the ultrasound and instantly found the baby. My chair was across the room so I had to stand up to see what was going on. I asked a question every few secs, until I thought that perhaps I might be getting on her nerves. It was fun to see the detail of his little spine. The doctor was a great entertainer, she waited till the last moment possible to find out the sex of the baby. The climax would have seemed less climatic had she told us any earlier. I thought I constantly heard her refer to the baby as "him". I dont think she knew what it was until we got the baby to the right angle to see his stuff. I would have to say he is well endowed, but its hard to say... Ha Ha Ha.

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