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Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm Thankful for ....

I am thankful for many things this year. I am grateful for the opportunity to be married and be blessed with such a beautiful little boy. I am grateful for a home with heat and food, for a car that runs (Monday I was at the store silently complaining that it was raining and I had to get out of my warm car and go into the store when I looked over and a gentleman was out in the pouring rain trying to get his car to start. This made me rethink my perspective and really humbled me.) and gets me from point A to B, and for many modern conveniences. I am reminded every morning when my husband gets up to go to work how blessed we are to be employed
(this is something I think many of us take for granted, maybe even think of an a nuisance) and how amazing it is that I get to stay home with Toph. I look at Toph several times a day and give thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to watch him grow. I enjoy being with him each time he does something or discovers something new; like his toes and chews on them, make razz sounds in excitement, squeels because he learned to make a new sound, or wakes up to my voice and smiles bigger than ever before. We are so thankful for our families and there support over the years and the many friends that surround us. Our family away from home. Thank you to everyone that makes each day more special than the last.
Here are some photos of Toph's first Thanksgiving .... ENJOY!!!
Father and son. Relaxing before the big feast.

First time eating mashed potatoes ... Yummmm.
He also tried yams and cranberry sauce.
Toph liked mashed potatoes a little to much.
He is in the process of taking a whole handful. Dad wasn't watching very closely,
he was suppose to be getting his attention for the picture.

This is right after he put his hands in my mashed potatoes.
Look closely ... his hand and sleeve is covered in potatoes. He wasn't happy.
I guess he wasn't done.
Good thing his angry face is so darn cute. HAHA

Mommas boy, as of right now. Unless he is tired.
Lately he prefers his dad to put him to sleep.
This is Toph and his Grandpa Nelson. Toph has had a few issues with beards, mostly his grandpas. He is OK once he warms up. This is him warming up. Bob slowly has to get closer. Sometime Bob has to come up behind Toph and hold him until he warms up. We try to tell Toph that the beard is fun, but he doesn't get it. We even got a book that talks about different objects to touch, and a beard is one of them. Maybe it is helping he had a really good time with his Grandpa.
Toph is starting to look more like his Daddy.
He sure does have his daddy's crazy fun personality.

Toph and Grandpa ... AKA Santa. He is Santa in his spare time.
Looks just like him. Don't you think?

I was trying to get a picture of Toph's shirt. It says .. I ate Santa's cookies. His face looks like he really did eat Santa's cookies and he wasn't suppose to. I thought it was pretty cute.


Bridget said...

And how did Grandpa do when Toph ate all of his cookies? Cute pics.

Karen said...

You know with a Grandpa that looks just like Santa, you are always going to have great Santa pictures because your kids will just think its Grandpa. No screaming Santa pics for you. Lucky.