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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas has arrived

I know .... it might be a little early BUT I love Christmas. Sometimes I wish that Christmas would last all year (and no it's not because of the gifts. Haha) although, I am sure the spirit of Christmas might not be as amazing if it were all year.

I started listening to Christmas music over a week ago and was thinking over the weekend that is would be fun to deck the house with Christmas. I thought it mught be a little early, beside we didn't even know where we were going to put the tree. We currently have to much furniture. It was to my surprise on Monday when Chris asked if I wanted to get out the Christmas decorations. Of course I said yes; I was extremely excited. I think Chris was also, until about 30 minutes into pulling out all the totes, dumping the Christmas tree out of the box and fluffing the branches as we put it together.

It was then that we realized something was missing. No Christmas music/movie. What were we thinking? We put in The Santa Clause 2. One of my favorites next to A Miracle on 34th Sreet (the one in color) and made hot chocolate. The day was amazing. We decorated for hours. Talking, laughing, taking pictures (mostly of Topher playing with the beads and so awe struck'n by the lights. We finished the night with Albertsons chicken and a movie.

A fabulous way to begin the holidays.

Sometimes I wonder if Chris just wanted to set up the Christmas tree so that he could experiment with his camera.

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The Palmer's said...

Nice Albertson's shout out!
Very cool pictures of Toph and the tree/decorations...makes me want to break out my box, too. :)