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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Topher has been opening his mouth super wide and pretending to laugh or giggle (more like a squeal) for months. One night Chris and I were talking about something and begun laughing uncontrollable. Topher must have felt left out because he began laughing. He didn't laugh for long and hadn't laughed since, until 2 weeks ago when Chris's sister and niece were visiting. Chris was playing with Topher and Daisy on the floor. They were playing with a purple squishy bouncy ball that lights up. Not sure if it was the lights or the noise but Topher loved it. We love to watch this video, it makes us laugh every time. Enjoy!!!!


Kati said...

Oh my gosh - the perfect little laugh! Love it :)

And I totally had to look twice on the picture of him with the dolls. Too funny.

Leslie said...

Cute laugh! Daisy seems not too thrilled, its cute.

Bridget said...

What a great little laugh.

Rose said...

HILARIOUS! I love it. :)