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Friday, July 9, 2010

Water Park

We went to Willis Tucker water park yesterday for playgroup. Our group was kind of split up due the enormous amount of people there, but it was fun. We did run into the Valentines, thank goodnesss. It is always more fun when you are around good friends. I had never been so I was a little under prepared. No chairs or toys, but I did remember the snacks. Toph really liked being out in the sun and wondering around but didn't care for the water much, unless I was holding him and we were barely getting wet. The water was kind of cold and he isn't used to the water hitting him in the face. I think he will have more fun next time.

This was Toph's first attempt at walking out in the water. He was doing great until a big kid hit him in the face with the big water gun. He didn't care for that much.
This is Toph's second try. Every few minutes all the water is shut off for a couple minutes and then turned back on. Well .... Toph thought it was safe and started walking out when suddenly the water was turned back on. He started screaming. I just had to get a picture before rescuing him. Actually I wasn't in a bathing suite so a friend ran in and got him. Thank You Tanya.
Cute Hair .... I love it.

This is Toph and his friend Lucy. Lucy wasn't to into the water either. They just sat on the lawn and ate snacks while they went through Lucy's mom's purse.
THE END......


Anonymous said...

Bless it. :)

Grossarths said...

Hey, we miss you guys! How is life treating you these days?