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Monday, April 5, 2010


Sometimes the things Toph does make me laugh so hard I wish others were there experiencing the moment with me. Earlier today I was sitting on the couch reading and Toph was just playing with his toys. A few minutes went by (that's how long his attention span is sometimes) and he decided to come and see what I was doing. Once he realized I didn't have any food he quickly moved on. He started crawling down the hall towards his bedroom or maybe the bathroom. He likes to pull tub toys out of the bath tub and crawl around with them. Crazy kid!
Then he was quite, never a good sign, so i decided to get up and go find him. As soon as I got up and turned around to look for him I heard a door slowly start to close. As I looked up the first bedroom door slammed shut. I could see his shadow on the other side of the door. I went to open the door, barely, since he was sitting right behind it. He was probably hoping I didn't hear the door and he would be able to play. We currently consider our first bedroom storage. He tries to get into that room all the time knowing it is full of fun things.
I slowly pushed the door (and Toph) open to find The Toph smiling back at me. He slowly crawled out. I consider this a mom moment - might not be funny to everyone but completely cherished by me.

Today I found another characteristic that Toph has in common with his dad. So ... when Chris was single he use to give huge hugs to some of his girl friends. I think mostly just to Leslie Cook. She used to give Chris huge bear hugs. While she was hugging him Chris would shimmy her (otherwise shake her back and forth as they hugged). I often put Toph's arms around my neck and give him a hug. Well, today I put his arms around my neck and gave him a shimmy hug, aka Topher hug. He would throw his head back and laugh so loud. I couldn't help but give him several Topher hugs. It was great. Can't wait to show Chris.

This morning I finished reading "The Actor and the Housewife" by Shannon Hale. It was a pretty good book. One that tugs on every emotion even after you read it. It made me want to be a better person, Continually rekindle the love/relationship Chris and I have, Give thanks for all I have, Cherish my family, Live my life in a way that the Lord can directly guide and bless me, and to Avoid the appearance of evil. I have to admit, it was kind of a long book. Some intense moments and some monotonous moments, which I actually put the book down to read another one. The beginning and end were the best, so when I picked it back up I couldn't put it down. I have spent every available moment these last few days reading. Now I am not sure why I was in such a hurry. I don't have another book and feel slightly lost. I tend to get extremely wrapped up in the books I am reading and finish them in days. When it is a good book I tend to get wrapped up in the characters and plot and feel slight remorse when I finish. Each time a finish a book I often want one just like it, although it is always fun to start a new adventure.


The Palmer's said...

Cute stories! You've reminded me that I actually DO like being a mom. :)

Rose said...

Hahaha, busted in the storage room! I think it's funny that he was trying to be sneaky. :)