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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1 step closer

Month 11 -

1st time walking with his bike. He walked from the living room to our bedroom this morning.
1st time playing peek-a-boo by himself. He holds the blanket over his face as I said, Where is Topher? Then he would pull it away, I would say There he is, and he would just laugh.
1st savings account. He was so cute when we were at the bank. He sat in a big chair next to me as he played with the personal bankers pen and flirted with every female banker that passed by. What a ham.
1st time discovering that he can splash in the tub by waving his hands really fast. He got a little surprised the first few times his hands actually hit the water. He also learned how much fun it is to try and stand in the tub.

He loves to talk and make noises. He absolutley loves being outside and being around other children. He says Momma, Dadda, Hi, Hey. He talks back to us when we talk to him and repeats most of what we do. Chris loves how Toph laughs when we laugh. He is so much fun; learning and growing every day.


Devanie said...

He's so cute Allison (and Chris ;)! I miss you guys!!!

Johnny & Alli said...

What a doll! We need to have you guys over so our babes can play. Maybe dinner or dessert or something...
Let us know if you guys are up for it.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks for posting the video, he is sooo cute! Hope you guys have a great Easter!