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Friday, December 11, 2009

Family Photos

We attempted our first family photos, with other people taking it. We have tried a few times to take our own family photos but we ran into a few obstacles. One, sometimes it is hard for Chris to set-up the picture and then run and jump in before the picture takes AND be in the perfect position. Second, it is hard to get an infant to look straight a head and smile at nothing. As you can see it was hard to get him to do this even with someone trying to get his attention. Third, It is hard to get the perfect lighting at night without extra lamps/lights. It is not easy holding an extra lamp next to you while holding a 7 month old or just having one sitting next to you without him staring at it while trying to grab it. Yeah ... I think you are starting to picture the dilemma.

We were very grateful to have close friends of ours come over and take some photos. Toph was pretty cooperative. He was happy and more than willing to pose. It was hard to capture his great smile while we were also looking and smiling. Also, in most of the pictures he is looking ... who knows where. Probably watching TV. HAHA

Here are a few where we are all insinc, well sort of.


Bridget said...

The b/w and color one is my favorite. Toph has a great smile and expression.

Stacey said...

love the last one! is that just in your living room??

Leslie said...

love them! You guys are cute!

Anonymous said...

Awww, love the one of the two of you kissing the munchkin. Can't decide if he is loving it or putting up with it, LOL. Just kidding.

Toph said...

All of the pictures were at our house... LOL