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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Space Trip... Or so it would appear

So I just returned home from another adventure in California. While it was filled with a mixture of business and fun, the best part is always coming home to my family. I flew Virgin America and the flight feels more like a nightclub meets space shuttle, then an airplane. Mood lighting, with spa-like music, and clean crisp white seats set a mood to be enjoyed even in coach. (Perhaps I have flown Southwest, or Alaska for far to long)

I was given the opportunity to come home a day early, so I took it. With typical airlines you have to pay a fee to change reservations (or go standby). When I called to change my reservation, they informed me that it would cost $75. (FYI- I wouldn't be paying for it, my boss would) But they gave me an option. If I upgraded they would wave the re-booking fee, and I would only have to pay the difference. The difference... $35... so of course to save my boss some money, I upgraded to first-class. Although Virgin is somewhat limited in where they fly, I would highly recommend it to anyone flying where they fly. (even if you don't fly first-class)


Anonymous said...

Wow that is really cool! Too bad I didn't know that 411 before I booked my flight to WA. My luck, they probably don't even fly from NC to WA anyway.

Renae said...

That looks crazy!!! But that is such a great deal!!!