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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nap .... What Nap???

When a baby stays up all day and finally falls a sleep at 8:00pm is this considered a nap?

My day began this morning (well when you wake up every 3-4 hours during the night I am not sure there is a definite indication between night and day, therefore there isn't really a morning) when Toph woke up at 2:30 to eat. Usually at night he eats fairly quickly and lets me put him back in his crib. He must have still been super sleepy because he fell asleep eating. He seemed to be completely out so I decided to place him back into his crib. As soon as I put him down he instantly woke up, eyes as wide as possible. I decided to feed him a little more and rock him to sleep before I put him back in his crib. Little did I know this was going to be the pattern for the entire day.

So like clock work he woke up 3 hours later. This time I decided to bring him back to bed with me once he was finished eating. Sometimes he sleeps longer when he is in bed with us. Although he was asleep he moaned and groaned and made every noise imaginable until about 7:30. He kind of woke himself up so I decided to take him into the Living Room, I thought maybe Chris would want to get a couple hours of good sleep before he had to get up.

I was lucky enough to get Toph back to sleep after he ate around 9:30, but only for an hour or so and I had to lay with him until he fell asleep. He woke up around 11:00and continued to fall asleep at each feeding and fought sleeping from that point on. He was so tired that he could hardly eat. He would fall asleep as soon as he started eating and I couldn't do anything to wake him except for putting him down. He could be snoring and be completely limp and unresponsive but the minute I put him down he would wake up. I tried everything; putting him in his crib, on our bed, in his swing, laying down with him, or placing him on the couch. NOTHING WAS WORKING!!!

If he didn't open his eyes right when I put him down He would start crying once he noticed he wasn't being held. He would cry until I came and picked him up. He would then look at me and smile huge as though he was showing me he was happy and not tired and that he was O.K. to stay up. His smiles only lasted a few minutes until he would start to doze off. I think he would have succeeded in putting himself to sleep but he kept waking himself up. He would get so tired that he would start fussing until I picked him up and rocked him to sleep. Then the cycle started all over again. He fought sleep, kind of fell asleep, would wake up, would eat, would fall asleep (just a few minutes at a time), would wake up, would get rocked while he fought sleep until it was time to eat. This went on until 8:00 pm tonight.

Just for the record, I love being home with Toph and feel such an overwhelming love each time I get to cuddle with him and rock him to sleep, the key word being sleep. Not sure today was one of our most fun days.

What a day .... not our usual day. Thank goodness, because I am completely worn out. I finally got him to sleep around 8:00pm until 11:00pm. He is now back to sleep. Hopefully for a few hours.

I should probably go to bed to make the best of his sleeping time.
Good Night!!!


Grossarths said...

oh boy, I can't wait! :) And I thought I wasn't getting much sleep right now being pregnant!

Tawnya said...

Reading your story gives me dejavu of Jaxson. He was exactly like that! He always fell asleep nursing and would wake up as soon as I put him down and wanted to eat again. It was this horrible cycle until he got a bit older (and I gave him a bottle. I swear I was starving the child though some might not agree). Now he is an incredible sleeper though and has been for a while so I guess I can't complain, but it is so exhausting when they don't sleep at first!!!! Lucy is an incredible sleeper, completely opposite of Jaxson, but I have a feeling this won't last long. She will wake up in a month or so and I will be calling you at 2 AM to see what's up because my baby won't sleep either!!! Hopefully it was just a bad day for Toph and you guys will get some sleep soon.

Leslie said...

I've had days just like that! But good days too. Allison, can you email me your email address? Horsegal50@hotmail.com

The Palmer's said...

Hang in there. I feel your pain.

Jenna and Drew said...

Brooklyn was never really great at taking naps either. She was on 2 naps a day by about 3 months, then down to 1 nap a day at 10 months. So Drew and I totally feel for you. Hopefully this isn't an all the time occurance for Mr. Topher though. Good Luck! We can't wait to see you guys next week and meet the little guy!

Chelle said...

I completely echo Jeanne's comments! My doctor told me to drink about 5 water bottles a day to stay well hydrated with the warm weather & working out. However, I pay the price at night - I swear I wake up nearly every other hour.

But, you get to hang out with a pretty great baby when you wake up, so I'm sure that's worth something, right? Bring on the sleepless, baby-filled nights!

Daniel said...

Hey! I love you blog!!!! We are finally back and trying to get back into the groove of everything. We want to come visit sometime soon, so we can meet the little guy!

Hang in there with the sleeping craziness