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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting Ready!!!!

One step closer. Even though I seem to not be progressing towards labor, according to my doctor, we are still moving forward as though the little guy will be coming on time. I have been waiting for weeks to put Toph's car seat in the truck. Chris needed the space in the truck these last few weeks so I had to wait until we got closer to our due date. My eyes really lit up yesterday when Chris came to me and said, "Babe, you can put the car seat in the truck tonight if you want." Yeah!!! Of course I wanted to.

Don't I just look amazing sitting in the back seat next to our super cute car seat. I've heard this is where moms sit. HAHAHA. Chris and I will be drawing straws to see who gets to sit next to Toph on the way home. I am pretty sure my piece of straw will be longer than Chris'. :) This image will be a lot cuter when there is a baby in it. We can't wait!!! Hopefully he doesn't make us wait to much longer.


Jenna and Drew said...

You do look fabulous sitting there! I hope Topher comes soon for you, it's no fun waiting! Good Luck this week! I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for you guys that he'll come by his due date!

The Palmer's said...

You definitely get to sit in the back seat, Allison! Especially after what you're about to go through. You'll do great.

angelalois said...

I sat in the back. Our infant seat needed a lot of room so the passenger seat was scooted up really far, and after giving birth I DIDN'T WANT TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE. It's the truth. You'll want to sit in the back :-) Super congrats! Love the blog! I can't believe you're 39 weeks, WOW!