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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hospital Visit (by Chris)

So I don't typically get the chance to write, because Allison always covers the major (and not so major, but exciting none-the-less). Last night Allison and I had the hospital tour; it was an opportunity to ask questions we may have about the process of THE day. Although I didn't find it overly informative it did make my nerves go wild. As THE day approaches I begin to worry more about my ability to be a good dad.
Allison will undoubtedly be a great mom, and is a great example to me to step up. I just hope Toph will enjoy playing Xbox with me at 2am so Allison can sleep!
I will often times come in the room and Allison will be playing with Toph's clothes. I think maybe she didnt get enough Barbie time when she was little. She loves the little guys clothes, especially pants and shoes. Here are some socks that my mom gave us (I think?) Enjoy!


Leslie said...

lol. i love you Chris. You're awesome. It's funny that you said that about the clothes. Ashley gave me a TON of clothes today, and I put them all away in her little dresser and I kept showing them to Garrett freaking out over how cute they were and he's just like... yeah hun.... he's excited for the baby too, but just isn't wild about clothes I guess. And you are going to be a GREAT dad. I'm excited to watch you guys as parents. I miss your face.

Steve and Keilah said...

I rearranged Carson's clothes, like, 3 times before he was born. :) It's totally normal Allison!

Anonymous said...

You are going to be a GREAT dad, Chris!!! Don't be nervous about it. Just remember to have a sense of humor about everything, and enjoy your kid as much as you can, and you will do fine!