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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Birthing Class

On Monday night we attended our first Birthing Class. !!! YAY !!! I think Chris was hoping it was cancelled with all the snow we got earlier in the day, but we ventured out just in case. Good thing we did, I'm not sure we would have been able to reschedule and with only 5 weeks left their isn't much time left to reschedule. He had no idea how much FUN he was really going to have. HAHAHA!!! There were only 3 other couples which made the class pretty small but fun.

The teacher started out by asking each of us a few questions, kind of an introduction game. Admit, we all loved these games in school. Right? At least we didn't have to list our favorite color or our hobbies. She asked several questions I thought the responses to a couple of them were fun to hear.

What has been your favorite thing about being pregnant?

Both Chris and I responded feeling him move. We both love to feel and watch him move. I watch my belly all the time. I try to get Chris's attention when he Toph starts moving but by the time Chris looks over Toph stops. I think he is also playing with us. It is the best when we play with him by pushing on one side of my belly or part of him (which is protruding out) and watch/feel him move. We have also been playing the hot/cold game and the flashlight game with him. It has been tons of fun. He has been alot more alert and active the last few days.

What is something you could do without?

I said going to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Many nights I sleep on the couch, its easier to get up a million times. Chris said he could do without the pillow fortress in his bed. Like most pregnant ladies I have several pillows that surround me at night, which seams to grow as the weeks progress. Just between you and me I think he secretly likes the body pillow.

For me the class went by pretty quick but I think Chris would have loved if the class was only 1 hour instead of 2. Good thing we didn't sign up for the 4 hour Saturday course. He seamed to have a lot of fun between playing with the babies in the back of the room (they had baby figures showing the stages of growth. Chris is holding a 30 week old baby.) to counting while I was trying to breath. Towards the end of the class he had to stand behind me while we practiced our breathing because we kept laughing. I couldn't help but laugh when he would sit super close to me and stare at me as he counted ... AND in 1, 2, 3 AND out 1, 2, 3. He is a very dramatic counter.

I really enjoyed our first class; the whole night was a blast. I am excited we are taking these classes together. It will be fun getting to know the other couples and just being together and learning how to better prepare for Topher's arrival.


Braden, Amanda and Mason said...

You look amazing! I am so excited for you guys!!

The Palmer's said...

You think getting up in the night is bad now...you just wait!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I can totally see Chris doing his counting for you!