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Friday, February 6, 2009

Right on Schedule.

We went to the doctor's today, my last appointment before I start going every two weeks. Before I know it I will be going to the doctors every week. Then I will start to panic, this milestone means Toph could come any day. Chris doesn't have school on Friday's so he was able to come with me. It was great to spend some morning time with my hubby and for him to be part of the check-up. Usually the doctor just slightly pushes on my belly to identify the babies position and to roughly measure, what ever it is he measures, to make sure we are right on schedule. This was the first time the doctor used a measuring tape to check our growth. Mom and baby are developing and growing right on schedule for an April 20th delivery. He told us if I continue to progress and grow as I have been we should expect a 7-7 1/2 lb baby. No 9 lb baby in my immediate future.

I remember the first few times I went to the doctors office. I felt a little out of place looking around to see many prego ladies who were really showing. At that point I could only imagine what is was going to like when I started to really show. It was a great realization to walk in the doctors office and really be showing .... I LOVE IT.

Life is going great. I just need to keep my emotions under check for the next few weeks so I don't drive my co-workers and husband crazy. Good Luck To Me.

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